general terms and conditions

  • Room cancellations up to 45 days before arrival are free of charge. Up to 15 days we charge 30%, up to 7 days 50%, under 7 days and in the case of early departure 100% of the booked arrangement price.
    This also applies in the event of illness or accident. The terms and conditions are valid, see Website. We recommend cancellation insurance to cover any situation.
  • Do you have a booking that you need to cancel? Thank you for prompt notification, however, the cancellation will take place between you and without exception, unfortunately we cannot make your booking transaction.
  • For room occupancy by an adult with children, the single room price plus the children applies.
    If the room is only occupied by children, the single room price applies to the oldest child, plus the other children.
  • Print, write, calculation errors and price changes are reserved.
  • The hotel is liable for guests' belongings in accordance with the statutory provisions. Liability for slight fault is expressly excluded. If the guest is damaged or is not satisfied with the hotel's services, he must report this to the hotel immediately, otherwise he can no longer assert any rights.
  • The guest is liable to the hotel for all damages and losses caused by him, companions or his assistants or event participants, without the hotel having to prove the guest to be at fault. The guest is responsible for the correct use and the proper return of all facilities provided by the hotel or procured through third parties on his behalf and is liable for damage and losses.
  • The hotel assumes no liability for activities outside the hotel. Neither in the event of an accident, injury or loss of property, even if these activities were recommended by the hotel to the customer or carried out by third parties.
  • The hotel is also liable for items brought in by guests who are not staying at the hotel in accordance with the statutory provisions, i.e. liability for items brought in only exists if they are deposited